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Let's Talk Finance Autumn & Winter 2019 Lunches

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 19/08/19 12:28

Formulate are pleased to announce it's new series of Autumn and Winter 2019 'Let's Talk Finance' lunches in London, Manchester and Birmingham. 

Our exclusive lunch tables are for senior finance professionals to eat, chat and network.

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5 key steps for CFO's to drive strategic change

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 08/08/19 09:52

It's a busy life being a CFO, not only with work but balancing home life. The role of the CFO is undergoing rapid  transformation. To be a strategically oriented CFO you will need to utilise your resources most efficiently to be able to outperform the competition by being agile, dynamic and fast. 

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Formulate win Deliveroo contract

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 01/08/19 10:04

Formulate has been chosen by Deliveroo to provide and implement Cloud-based financial planning and forecasting software Adaptive Insights.

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Formulate Customer Day

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 26/07/19 14:59

A great day of learning, sharing and networking.

Our annual customer day was a real triumph. Over 25 companies attended to get some deeper understanding of Adaptive Insights and how they can get the best use of the software in their businesses. 

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Must read books for finance leaders this summer

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 19/07/19 16:14

So it's that time of year again when the holiday season is upon us. The anticipation levels of that much-needed family break is high. After a busy year of deadlines, endless meetings and being pulled in all directions, such as break is well deserved.

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Financial consolidation tool -  do you need one?

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 11/07/19 16:14

Financial consolidation is one of the most misunderstood topics we get asked about when scoping a planning and reporting solution. So, let’s get back to first principles and understand exactly what is needed because consolidation is a term used loosely by those outside of accounting, but which has a very specific meaning for those of us in finance.

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Financial Forecasting -top 5 tips for fast growing companies

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 05/07/19 13:30

Financial forecasting is what drives and impacts your growth is the intelligence which can put you ahead.

Sometimes smaller organisations can believe the big 'corporates' are cutting edge when it comes to planning. The truth is, many are still existing on spreadsheets like most other businesses.

So here are some top tips on how financial forecasting well can get you ahead, make you more agile and save you valuable time with limited resources.

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Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 24/05/19 12:09

As a software partner we work with our customers, software provider and business partners to build a service which delivers real benefit dealing with all the usual market variables along the way.  So we're more than proud of this months milestones, which we've achieved thanks to a great team, the right attitude as well as capability. 

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How to Plan and Report in the Charity sector

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 30/04/19 08:21

There are specific challenges which charities and not for profit (NFP's) face when it comes to planning and reporting. 

We've worked with enough charity organisations to know that planning by project, the ability to trace multiple funding sources as well as the burden of regulatory and compliance reporting, means charities are struggling with old school tools like Excel, which saps their already limited resources.  

We share a new way forward for organisations which need a different way to plan, budget and report. 

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Don't let errors catch you out!

Posted by Charlotte Taylor on 25/04/19 10:04

According to a survey commissioned by Blackline more than 1,100 C-level executives and finance professionals:  

71% of C-level executives completely trust the accuracy of their financial data. However, only 38% of finance professionals — the people preparing the statements and reports — share that opinion.

There's is clearly a mismatch between the level of accuracy C suite perceives in the reports they read against that of finance. So we ask does this mean Finance have become expectant of error. Or are there other issues at play?

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