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Date Posted
29 September 2021
Veterinary Imaging

“Workday Adaptive Planning is introducing a new level of quality, speed and flexibility in our management forecasting and reporting. It is easy to use and creates transparency for the rest of the executive team. They’re more engaged when reviewing numbers and forecasts in a way we have not seen before.”

Peter Fredericks
Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

Faster, flexible forecasting for the Hallmarq

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is a multinational organisation dedicated to improving the lives of animals, as well as the people who care for them. They deliver this by increasing access to advanced imaging for more practices around the world.

Offering unique equine and small animal MRI and CT scanning solutions that transcend the industry, Hallmarq’s cutting-edge approach to veterinary medicine is a key competitive differentiator.

Hallmarq’s focus on delivering high-quality solutions with supreme levels of support is helping them grow at a rapid rate.

The Challenges

With operations expanding across the US and Europe, an increasing amount data had to be managed on spreadsheets. This demand was making forecasting cash flow, company growth and managing budgets a thankless task. It quickly became clear that Hallmarq needed to move away from spreadsheets to a faster, more flexible forecasting solution.

Going into different Excel spreadsheets, manually transferring data and removing mistakes became tiresome as spreadsheets expanded. In no time at all, the finance team was caught up in an Excel whirlwind, consisting of several tabs, tables and complex calculations.

Furthermore, an increasing number of global team members were accessing spreadsheets and inputting data. With no audit history, it was becoming impossible to see who was making changes. This lack of transparency grew frustrating, especially when one piece of incorrect information could cause a significant, negative effect.

Dealing with such stress was not easy. It was time to change. After searching for the right solution, Hallmarq decided to integrate Workday Adaptive Planning into their systems.

“With Excel, it is very easy to miss things that can have a big impact, including not copying a formula to the bottom of the dataset and having multiple people making changes without the audit history. It is also difficult sharing Excel files; there is always a danger with conflicts.”

Katherine Lambert
Finance Business Partner
Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

How Formulate Helped

Hallmarq strived for a system that allowed faster, flexible forecasting for the business. To make
this possible, Hallmarq started removing manual data entry processes to create an automated
seamless stream of data.

After assessing the existing systems architecture and taking the time to understand the goals of
the finance team, Formulate was ready to get to work.

Using their knowledge and experience, Formulate designed a bespoke solution structured to meet the needs of Hallmarq’s financial planning team. 

“We worked closely with Guy Maizels from Formulate. He was always on-hand, swift to respond to queries and happy to jump on a call - which was really helpful,” says Katherine Lambert, Finance Business Partner – Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging.

Within eight weeks, the new system was fully functional, and all necessary training was complete. By clearly explaining how the solution worked, offering specialist supervision and support whenever required, Formulate provided a practical, easy-to-navigate system. 

The new Workday Adaptive Planning solution has simplified importing and exporting data, cut
the time needed to forecast in half and led to greater transparency across the business.


The Future

Looking ahead, there are a couple of refinements Hallmarq wants to make for even greater efficiency.

For example, Hallmarq wants to turn the tide of data, so it flows from the Workday Adaptive Planning tool into Alteryx. In doing so, Hallmarq can increase its reporting capabilities and better utilise other key components within its systems architecture.

“The ability to plug Adaptive Planning and Alteryx together, pull out the numbers from Adaptive, apply very complex calculations with Alteryx, and push them out into other reports will be huge for us. I think there will always be room for refinements as we go; each time we go through a pain point we’ll try and resolve it”. Katherine Lambert, Finance Business Partner - Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging.


The Benefits & Outcomes

  • Speed of budgeting, cutting time to budget by 50%
  • Transparency for all executives who are now engaged in tracking financial projections
  • Additional time to run supplementary monthly forecasts and secure new insights
  • A logical data structure
  • Visibility to track data changes
  • Improved efficiency, simplified business processes and streamlined reporting capabilities.


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