Workday Adaptive planning experts

Our workday Adaptive planning experts are all accountancy qualified and experienced commercially.  we build Workday Adaptive Planning solutions that work for the real world. 

Our experts consist of consultants and solution architects whose backgrounds are diverse, but the thread running through all of if them is a deep understanding of planning and systems. Some have worked at the coal face as finance managers, others have crossed the line from accounting to systems. All have ‘real world’ commercial experience.

Getting your accounting structures and processes right is critical in our book. Our holy grail is to start with a perfectly balanced P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow, using our integrated forecast plan, we can then adapt that to your business.

We admit to having some geek in our DNA, because it isn’t just your planning system we need to understand. These days connecting up data from general ledgers in ERP's and other accounting systems means a good understanding of integration.


Staying power

Systems get complicated, and clients need assurance that their Workday Adaptive Planning expert understands even the most complex financial setup. Our consultants and solution architects speak the language of CFO's so there won't be any loss in translation. 

Business Savvy

Being commercial means we put the needs of the business first. It means we might ask difficult questions and don't shy away from complexity. We don't build planning solutions in isolation. We appreciate the impact on the strategic model. For the same reason, we build forecasts with an integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow.

Our team

A team is more than their work, so as a group of people we are much more than finance modellers. As a team, we all work virtually based from home. We service clients across Europe and beyond, but we'll always meet our customers face to face.