We get under the skin of your business

And Build intelligent solutions that make it all better

Here’s what Agile means in our world

When you become a client of ours, we spend time understanding your business. Always meeting directly with you and your team ensuring we get the commercial, accounting, IT and processes which drive the business. Formulate can then diagnose and build the right solution for you.

We kick off projects by concentrating on the most important stuff first. An initial draft is built and shared in days or even hours. You get to play with this first draft and see Workday Adaptive Planning working first hand in your business. From here we can add the detail.

With feedback from you and your team, we then add components and iterations to build up your solution in bite-size chunks. Whilst your people get to use it, see it in action and realise its power.


Agile for Adaptive Project delivery

What is means
  • A first draft produced in days or hours
  • Flexible components added in bite-sized chunks
  • Limited disruption with fast delivery
  • Using template models or our unique accelerator and connection packs, build is faster cost-effective
  • Implementing is client-led, with time and resources defining the speed of delivery
  • Users get early hands-on experience of Workday Adaptive Planning, building confidence along the way
What you get
  • Projects take less than 20 days, we’ve done plenty in half that
  • No cliff edge ‘go live’, just a gentle take-off
  • You get what you really want – no making do
  • Quick turn around and no downtime
  • Very little disruption
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • A follow-up plan and further improvement phases– you’re cured