Workday Adaptive Planning Reporting


Reporting menu

Reports these days need to offer as many choices as the morning coffee menu. Painting numerical pictures with colourful charts and dials can work better for some than traditional tables of numbers.

Whatever flavour or blend of information is requested you can get it without I.T involvement. Run them daily, weekly, monthly or just ad-hoc. Stun the board with simple dashboards that cut to the chase, or give each function its own slant on the information they need.


Trawling through reams of data is no-one’s idea of fun, but headlines don’t always tell the whole story – so you’ll want to be able to drill down to the source data and share more than just the headlines, despite data volumes making it possible to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Craving Excel?

No need to kick Your Excel addiction, when it comes to reporting; now you can have the best of both worlds - pull live data into your Month End pack, actuals and forecasts to build beautiful Excel reports using Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect.