plan for a changing world

Workday Adaptive Planning is powering a new generation of enterprise planning and analysis and driving business agility in a fast-moving world. The cloud planning platform helps people in companies collaborate, gain insights, and make smarter decisions, faster.

Workday Adaptive Planning features powerful modelling and analytics for any size organisation, yet so easy for anybody who plans. The planning application enables organisations of all sizes to adapt to changing business conditions with confidence and agility.

The powerful, yet easy to use planning platform with an in-memory engine  delivers the power and performance you need, when you need it, so you can model, report, and analyse at any scale and complexity.

Use the business planning cloud to enable an active planning process for FP&A and the business


Modernise your planning, modelling, budgeting, and forecasting to make better decisions, faster.

Workday Adaptive Planning provides a powerful, yet easy to use planning platform with an in-memory engine that delivers the power and performance when you need it, so you can model, report, and analyse at any scale and complexity.

  • 5,000+ worldwide customers
  • Gartner leader for cloud FP&A
  • Integration with most data sources
  • Powered by Elastic Hypercube Technology


  • Increase agility with a powerful modelling engine built for enterprise planning.
  • Gain insights with an easy-to-use solution that can be quickly adopted across the enterprise.

  • Improve efficiency by planning, executing and analyzing all in one system for a streamlined process.

  • Independently rated by experts who agree it’s a best-in-class solution you’ll use and love.

  • Speed & performance enables fast modelling, reporting, and analysis at any scale and complexity.

Increase Business Agility

A powerful modelling engine, built for enterprise planning.

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Quickly adapt to changing business conditions


Model the way that makes sense for your business; easily run what-if scenario modelling as business conditions change.

Workday Adaptive Planning adds memory and computing power when you need it to allow users to plan using a virtually unlimited number of dimensions and versions.

All departments and functions can have their own models that help them understand and plan their function and that links to a corporate financial model to achieve a comprehensive, continuous planning process.

Gain Insights

In-depth business insights for better decision making.

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Make better decisions faster

Choose how you plan
Power users can use web-based planning sheets with an Excel look and feel; casual users can plan in active dashboards and make changes to models and reports directly in the dashboards - either way, no coding is required.
Easy reporting
Empower your finance, sales, and operations analysts with a highly interactive intuitive drag-and- drop user interface for self-service reporting and easily share the report with anyone in the organisation; reports remain connected to underlying data; use OfficeConnect to work directly in Microsoft Office Suites, and refresh reports with a single click.
Drill down and across
Explore through to transactional level details to get the background context you need; see more granular data, and get answers to ad hoc questions.

Speed and Performance

Fast modelling, reporting, and analysis at any scale and complexity.

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Become a strategic partner

Single source of data
A single source for data across the organization for planning provides the confidence and insights to make better decisions faster; connect to data from any CRM, ERP, HCM, or any other transactional system with an out-of-the-box integration framework (no need for a 3rd-party ETL tool)
Plan, Execute and analyse
Plan, execute and analyse all in one system for a streamlined process that reduces bottlenecks and friction in the business process.
Continuous, collaborative, comprehensive planning process
With process guide and process tracker, planners can streamline how they involve business partners to participate in the planning process; users outside of finance can quickly complete their planning tasks by following a step-by-step process.
Machine Learning
Gain efficiency by letting advanced algorithms do the heavy lifting.


Workday Adaptive Planning is available for Finance, HR, Operations, Sales, Marketing and IT.

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Enterprise-Wide Planning


  • Easily model scenarios so you can respond to change in real-time

  • Report and analyse faster, with greater accuracy for timely insights


  • Model your workforce the way you manage your business: by department, cost center, level, location, position, skills, and more

  • Make the right hiring decisions with timely insights—as a team


  • Dynamically plan sales resources, set equitable quotas, and improve sales predictability—all while keeping pace with changing business needs

  • Design targeted, manageable, and balanced sales territories—so your teams can do their best work


  • Increase demand and supply forecast accuracy

  • Understand forecast changes and drivers; collaborate with departments to course correct



  • Select the right campaign mix with what-if analysis based on a fixed level of investment

  • Ensure marketing spend at the right level for the right programs with reports and dashboards designed for business users


  • Prioritise IT Asset and Project Investment with driver-based modelling that shows financial and operational impact

  • Optimise resources through capacity planning, buy-borrow-build modelling, and project spend analysis