Planning in adaptive insights 

Build confident Pro-Active Plans with the business 

Your version of the truth needs to be constantly re-invented. Now you can copy and manipulate your ‘what if’ scenarios effortlessly. Run constant currency calculations or sensitivity analysis to your hearts content. Real world features now bring depth and reality to your planning model.  Why create one version, or limit your scenarios to 2 or 3 variable dimensions. With modern cloud planning solutions the possibilities are endless. All this gives you the confidence to plan the way you want to. 


  • Plain English formulas 
  • Error alerts
  • Powerful river based automation
  • Model using multiple dimensions
  • Drill down and lookup values
  • Formulas which handle dimensions and time
  • Simple value spreading and allocations


  • Excel look and feel
  • Gartner rated highest for usability
  • Fast adoption by users 
  • Office Connect enables reporting in Excel
  • Dashboard visual Analytics 
  • Easy to Build and Use
  • Drill down to source of numbers



  • Automated processes deliver  70%+ time savings.
  • Cloud  makes sharing and collaboration possible.
  • Secure  workflows, version and access control process 
  • Drivers  makes personnel, expenses, revenue, balance sheet, cash flow and currency management faster.
  • Automatic aggregation  provides more transparency with audit trail
  • Office Connect to report results in your Excel report pack