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Business planning cloud for your SAP solution

Why look outside SAP for planning?

Those who choose the SAP path tend not to change course. There’s good reason for that. SAP is extensive, trusted and the market leader.

There is a growing demand from the SAP finance community for more powerful, flexible forecasting and reporting. Now modern cloud planning solutions are robust, tried, tested and easy to configure and use. This offers a new dawn in SAP planning, leading many to step outside the SAP family of solutions.

Currently there are notable gaps in SAP functionality, business planning is one. SAP attempted to fill this with BPC, but the need for faster, flexible tools to plan report and consolidate in finance is still growing.

Cloud business planning tools fill this gap. Adaptive insights is a firm Gartner leader in this new breed; delivering powerful, flexible modelling with a friendly Excel interface to model, report and analyse easily. Sharing and collaboration are made possible in the cloud whilst deployment is quick and painless compared to traditional SAP.


We have built and tested connectors

Formulate can connect Adaptive Insights planning cloud to your SAP solution, for seamless forecasting, reporting and consolidation

Since then Formulate have built 40+ systems for customers from enterprise to SMB in all sectors. Our tech credentials and strong SAP background means we can pull data from:

We’ve built the only SAP connectors to work seamlessly with all flavours of SAP system. Capable of pulling information from any SAP table into your Adaptive Insights planning model which ensures your budgets, forecasts, consolidations and reporting deliver.

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Plan in the cloud with SAP

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