SAVE your place at the next 'Let's talk finance' event on 4th December. 


This is the chance to meet others to discuss common finance challenges. Formulate are hosting this event in central London to get senior finance people together to share experiences and ideas on the pressing issues of the day


the event format?

This is the chance to share ideas, views and pain points with your peers.  Our December event will look at the role of budgeting and why it consumes so much time and look at ideas on how we can make it easier.

 The aim of our events

The aim is to open up a discussion around a particular topic to share insights and learning.  We allow you to decide where the discussions go and set future topics of interest. As hosts Formulate are there to facilitate and will bring clients along to offer perspective and share ideas to help kick things off. 

 what will it cost me?

It's a free lunch! - I know you're thinking there is no such thing. We deal with senior finance people everyday. We hear them speak about the same pain points and pressing issues, so we thought you ought to get in a room together to learn and share stuff with one another. 

Now hands up, we do sell and implement planning software and one or two of our clients will be coming along to help kick things off. The most important thing is you get to meet others in senior finance roles to network a bit.

 How do I get a place?

We have limited places, so register today and we will send you further details of venue, timing and agenda for the day.