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Planning big things starts with having the right tools

KRM22 offer an innovative range of risk management products, a suite of
'Apps ' which are built for the capital markets funds. Their tools help to assess any type of risk be it market, regulatory, or enterprise

Karen Bach, is COO, and heads up all finance and operational systems. She is a great advocate of having everything in one place. Knowing the company was going to be very acquisitive she wanted to be able to model data from multiple sytems in one place and have one view of her P&L cashflow and balance sheet. 

"We have staff based in several countries paid in different currencies, I can now download relevant columns, send it to everyone to check and then everything updates automatically it is bliss” - Karen Bach, COO

The biggest win for Karen was getting one version of information with integration to their Actuals from Xero. Formulate built this integration with plans to also fully integrate with Bamboo and MS Dynamics as they grow.


Download the case study to learn more about the challenges KRM22 faced and how  Formulate built KRM22 a successful integrated forecast which transformed their business and halved their reporting time.