how to make reporting your secret weapon!

join our Webinar on the 22nd of January at 12:00gmt

Discover how to make your reporting process easier, faster and more inclusive, to drive business change and collaboration. 

Reporting has long bee seen a necessary evil. The business needs them to assess performance and drive planning decisions. Yet so many reports go unread, seen as difficult to consume, and out of date by the time they get published. 

So, In this webinar we'll be looking at why reporting can become the tool which aids rather than hinders. Move the business on to become more collaborative, using dashboards and make reporting your secret weapon. 

    • Create management packs in Excel in hours
    • Kick off Finance Change with reporting
    • Make Ad Hoc reports on the fly
    • Create a dashboard culture for consuming information
    • Access to all your data, without hassle
    • Produce high level reports and still see access the detail 
    • Reports which aide rather than analysis
    • Allow management to self serve their reporting needs
    • See cloud reporting capability in Adaptive Insights.


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