Greensill Case Study

Connect Netsuite with Adaptive Insights for fast results

Greensill Capital is a specialist provider of working capital solutions for companies globally. Founded in 2011 by Lex Greensill, the company offers businesses alternative sources of funding, allowing them to give their suppliers the opportunity for faster payment, while at the same time preserving their own capital position.

Al Eadie joined Greensill, at which point all accounting was done out of Australia. Al was responsible for creating a finance function in the UK and implementing Netsuite as his accounting system, but soon found he needed something more flexible than Excel to forecast with. 

Greensill is a high growth company whose revenue is expected to quadruple in the next year – so the pressure to forecast, and expand their models easily was critical.

Al implemented Adaptive Insights, which had a tried and tested connector which could easily pull ledger information into his planning models to meet Greensill’s forecasting and reporting needs.

Greensill achieved all of there requirements within a couple of months,  and have integrated the solution into their core processes. Download the case study.