Here are a few honest reviews?




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"Our team now do more thinking, instead of spreadsheet jockeying.  Some of you may not be shocked by this but it used to take us 17 days to do month end, the challenge of getting all of the data out was a disaster. Last month we closed on day 6, that is mostly to do with Adaptive. 

We pulled the data out of disparate systems put it in Adaptive and we can run the reports from office connect, it means I’m not paying people to sit there and shuffle data around in spreadsheets, I’m paying them to do the job that was intended.  Their quality of work is improved as they are engaged and we can spend more time planning more constructively for the future" 

Nick Read - CFO


"Formulate have been of great assistance in designing, building and maintaining the business model in Adaptive.  They understood our business and were never afraid to challenge us on why we want to do things a certain way.  They always found solutions to our queries."

"All planning and reporting relied on Excel but Adaptive has taken the strain and saves time, meaning that we can concentrate on analysis of our variances rather than the maths. We can update and reconfigure reports quickly, providing accurate answers to our investors when asked."

Richard Morgan, Financial Reporting Manager


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"A major challenge was the diversity of Financial Systems and environments, Formulate helped us pull data in from all these different sources, so what Adaptive provides efficiently now is "One Version Of The Truth".  Using both online reporting and the ability to produce board packs quickly and efficiently in Office Connect, Month end closure and reporting is completed quicker. "

"The product is very flexible, and the next stage of the journey with Formulate is to improve our "What If" Modeling and scenario planning."

John Taubman, IS Director 










"Due to unforeseen factors we were pulled off the project for around 3 months, but, in the background, Formulate were able to carry on, any other technical project would have probably stalled. So, when we picked it back up, it was like we’d never stopped, which demonstrates how easy Adaptive is to use."

"I’ve been surprised how quickly people have picked up the drivers and the planning side. I like it all, I do like it all. Already people are going ‘we’ve got our lives back’. Very simply I wish I’d done it sooner, it's an old world with spreadsheets.  It’s refreshing in this day and age to see how technology can genuinely move us forward." 

Martin Webster, Project Manager








a path to transformation


"“The flexibility of Adaptive Insights and the responsiveness of Formulate allowed us to quickly implement a company-wide organisational change.”

Cindy Rhodes - Project Manager







Flexibility in a changing landscape 


"We needed a cloud-based solution to improve international and local collaboration and keep costs manageable."

"We simply couldn't have done it without Formulate, Adaptive is a great step forward for Christian Aid."

Loretta Minghella, Chief Executive









Speed is of the essence


"Formulate helped us implement adaptive insight. The implementation was very quick and easy. It took around 10 weeks including training 50 non-finance managers to fully start using the system to forecast and report."

Tsion Gebreegziabher, Finance Business Partner



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Stepping up a gear

“The new top-down model is a revelation. Its taken our budgeting and forecasting to a new level. The CEO and CFO are chuffed to bits. It’s really proving its worth, we are now able to challenge the numbers with very real and tangible evidence” 

Russell Hall, Head of Group FP&A


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Taking the hassle out of forecasting

“It’s really important that you get the right partner, someone who knows the software, and more importantly, understands your business and knows how to apply the software to your business. “ 

Al Eadie, Financial Director







Building Trust

"Formulate helped us achieve the reality of moving away from spread sheets to the benefits of a flexible standard tool like Adaptive Insights. They were quick to get a handle on our business. Their finance background and product knowledge meant we got a working model fast. We had minimal disruption with great support. We got the most urgent part of the system in and working in no time." 

Peter Fredericks, Finance Director