plan the way you want to  beyond Excel

free Webinar 19th November 2018  -  12:00 noon GMT

Excel is a great product - used for the right reasons in the right place it does the job of forecasting and budgeting admirably. 

Yet in today's fast moving markets speed, complexity and data starts to complicate the process of planning and forecasting to making good old Excel creak at the seams for some. 

So in this webinar  we look at when and if it is time to move. Answering questions like:

  • what Excel is good for and where it works best
  • what questions you should ask to diagnose if you've outgrown Excel for your planning
  • Hear Insights from senior finance people who have moved to cloud planning 
  • Discover what pain points pushed them to move
  • Hear the benefits they have seen for their businesses
  • See cloud planning Adaptive Insights in action.

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