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07/09/21 14:27
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Formulate - A Kainos company

Volaris Group Go Global with Workday Adaptive Planning

Formulate have just kicked off a project with Volaris Group to implement Workday Adaptive Planning. After working with some of the global businesses that come under the Volaris Group umbrella, we are now implementing a reporting and analysis solution to expand our relationship with the group.

Volaris Group is a global business of seventy-plus software companies, transcending more than twenty vertical markets.

They have opened more than one hundred and fifty offices in over thirty countries, enjoying worldwide success.

Financial Planning Beyond Borders 

We kickstarted our relationship with SpecTec four years ago, building a model in Workday Adaptive Planning that allows them to import their data and run reports. We then began working with Cultura Technologies (also under the Volaris Group umbrella) on a similar model, with the ability for them to forecast revenue costs across their European Group. This model was also rolled out to their US parent company.

A year ago, we went on to work with Trapeze. Workday Adaptive Planning was initially implemented in the UK and then rolled out to Europe, North America and the APMEA regions.

Trapeze is now part of Modaxo (still all under the Volaris Group umbrella). We have just set their reporting model up on Workday Adaptive Planning as well. It allows them to take the data from the three Trapeze regional businesses and consolidate it with the Modaxo model utilising the in-built integration tools.

The current financial planning and analysis models we have installed span the global business and cover many different market segments from agriculture, shipping, technology, banking, to transit.

Sitting at the top of the subsidiary business is Volaris Group, and we are now working together on their own model of Workday Adaptive Planning.

Creating Consistency Across The Globe

Using our expertise as leading Workday Adaptive Planning partners, we are helping Volaris Group, Cultura Technologies, Trapeze, Modaxo and SpecTec to realise their vision of setting new reporting, financial planning, and analysis standards. This approach will create consistency while also delivering many more financial planning benefits.

We have enjoyed working with Volaris Group and its subsidiaries and look forward to a strong partnership in the future.





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