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Your Essential Guide to Smooth Business Budgeting

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 22/08/19 14:42

Budget season brings weeks of spreadsheet hell for finance teams and functional managers. Laborious hours spent filling in the numbers, reconciling the figures,as well as all the negotiating for a bigger slice of the pie. It is a process that can cause friction between divisions and creates an enormous amount of work for finance chasing, compiling, linking, reconciling and defending. All work which creates no forward strategic outcome.

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Do I still need to Budget?

Posted by Stephen Hambling on 19/03/19 17:00

For as long as most of us in Finance can remember, every year each company goes through its annual Budget cycle. Its as regular as clockwork, its ingrained in all of us to do it. But have you ever stopped, taken a step back, and asked why we do it this way?

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