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Here is our full proof 5 star delivery approach to getting the financial planning solution you dream of in 2019. Cut your budgeting cycles by 50% and create forecasts in hours rather than weeks!  Read our 5 point delivery plan and as one of our clients put it 'get your life back'.

spend 50% less time budgeting in 2019

with our five step delivery plan 

It's been a busy few months, with everything from chicken breeders to global advertising companies keen to get their new financial planning solutions up and running ready for the new year.We know how fleeting windows of opportunity are for finance to get projects done,so here is our full proof 5* plan to get you planning, forecasting and budgeting faster in 2019. 


    1.Choosing A PROVEN Planning software

First up you need the right software. We chose Adaptive insight 5 years ago after looking at the market. Why? well it was built in the cloud by an accountant for accountants. It looks and feels like Excel so no barriers to the finance team picking it up, and whilst being robust enough to cope with the complexities of enterprise business it sits as comfortably within SMB's.

The Adaptive suite includes planning, data integration, consolidation, reporting and analytics. Nifty Microsoft Office connectors allow clients to stick with their existing reporting packs, whilst refreshing data, and drilling down to the detail. Powerful drivers do the heavy lifting behind the scenes leaving you time to create limitless scenarios. It's no wonder Gartner along with 4,000+ businesses have chosen Adaptive Insights.  

 See it in action:

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2. Putting Finance First 

If you're looking to put a financial planing solution into your company, you want accountancy qualified consultants by your side. Our consultants (6 and counting) get under the skin of your business, and build finance models based on accounting principles, so no time wasted explaining what you want to a non-finance geek! You might think this is a given, but it's not. When you are explaining your finance structure you want to know your consultant understands not only the basics in accounting, (well hopefully more than that) , but also has some business savvy to add to the mix. It's not the software which saves you time it's the processes it replaces, and that is as much about how it's built around your finance function. 


3. planning packs to get you there 

Windows of opportunity are tough to find in finance. There are always deadlines lurking around the corner. Many of our customers are looking to get their planning solution in to solve a problem whether its to save 50% time on budgeting or revenue planning, producing forecasts faster, maybe a funding round demands multiple stress tested scenarios, or the company needs to be able to share and collaborate more. 

So hitting critical deadlines is high on the list for many of our FD's  That in mind, we developed a unique  set of solution packs built on accounting principles, designed to make deployment  faster, and you get a scalable solution in with less consultancy build time. 

A couple of our most popular include the Formulate Integrated forecast pack  which combines balance sheet, P&L and cashflow statements to provide a complete view of your forecasts, our gold standard. The fast track pack, is aimed at SMB's who are looking for less complex solutions, but who still want to scale for growth. 

4. Connecting up your data

The power of cloud planning is the ability to pull all your data together from your GL and other sources, so you can get that 'one version of the truth' to inform a complete forecast. Adaptive has a powerful integration tool tool for that, but we've built connectors to pull data in everything from SAP, Dynamics, Netsuite  to  Xero. This avoids the need to build from scratch every time; saving you time as well as giving you a tried and tested solution. 


5. Phased Agile delivery Method

Given most finance departments have short windows and are short on resource, we devised a own Agile for Adaptive methodology which allows you to phase your deployment. This ensures you get the basics in place to hit your hard deadlines; you can then add the bells and whistles when you have more time. This drip feed delivery is great for getting everyone on board with changes and learning 'Excel like' Adaptive Insights fast.  It gives you the comfort of getting a solution in. 

"Adaptive was exactly how I expected a forecasting solution to look and work"

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With all that in place, we get our customers up and running on Adaptive tout suite! This month alone we signed 4 new clients and before you say it's not for me, let me tell you they include everything from a chicken breeder Cobb, Lighting manufacturer, Aurora and Italian pharmaceutical company Newron. There's a lot of demand for our potent solutions and financial planning ahead of the New Year.

With the right software and the right deployment you are onto a winner. So here's where we underpin our track record. We've delivered into 80+ customers building their Adaptive Insights solution. Our client list is eclectic because the demand for flexible forecasting is sector agnostic. We are busy delivering to M&C Saatchi, The KA group in Switzerland and  First Utility to name a few. 

We are the biggest dedicated Adaptive partner in Europe. Our standards are set by accountancy qualified, Adaptive certified consultants, with a delivery manager to ensure smooth running projects. Alongside our  customisable solution packs and integration expertise we can get you up and running in days. 

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