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Introducing our new 'Let's Talk Finance Live' lunches with your favourite foods delivered to your door. Get together with finance leaders together to eat, chat and network online. Lunch time just got exciting again.


With our exclusive 'Let's Talk Finance' restaurant lunches currently on hold, we are keen to continue to bring finance leaders together to eat, chat and network.

Introducing 'Let's Talk Finance Live' lunches

While we can't take you to a restaurant right now, we are keen to bring the restaurant to you. Our new format 'Let's Talk Finance Live' lunches' will include food from your favourite restaurants and takeaways, delivered to your door, ready for an online get-together.

  • Eat, chat and network online
  • Choose your favourite food
  • Delivery to your door
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  1. Select a lunch date to join (Once dates are released)
  2. Choose your favourite food
  3. Await lunch delivery
  4. Eat, chat and network online



There will be no cost to attend, after registering for an event you will be provided with a voucher code for a set amount to redeem on Deliveroo. 


Fast food, burger and coke


While we have not set any dates yet, we are keen to reach out and see if our new style finance lunches are something you would like to attend. Please let us know using the form and get onto the invite list.


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Find out more and register your interest

Find out more about the delicious menus from restaurants and takeaways in your area and to check Deliveroo delivery coverage.


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