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04/10/21 11:51
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Formulate - A Kainos company

A Day In The Life of Stephen Hambling, Head of Pre-Sales

Please describe your job: What do you do?

I am Head of Pre-Sales at Formulate. I act as an expert for Workday Adaptive Planning and how best to use the product. I go on demos with customers and support the sales team, whether a Workday sales team or a Formulate/Kainos team. I might get called into a meeting to do with running the business, whether it's helping organise people or discussing strategy. I paint a picture to prospective customers to understand how they could use Workday Adaptive Planning and get value out of it. I also speak on the Lunch & Learns for the marketing team and similar events for Workday. I watch the sales pipeline; I have a finance background, so I am very good at translating that into numbers and figures. The other side of my job is to mentor other team members and pass on my experience, so I am often on internal calls with my team.


What is a typical day?

I start the day with coffee and breakfast with my wife, Charlotte. Then I'll head over to my office, which is a two-minute walk from our farmhouse. After that, I'll feed the chickens and sheep and check everything is ok with the glampers that are staying. We have quite a lot of land, so there is always something to do here.

I'll usually catch up with Ian and Julian early in the morning, then the day will start to get hectic. Every day is different. I could be on a detailed chat about a particular customer requirement, or a call about our long term sales strategy or anything in between!

What do you love about your job?

Having a great understanding of a customer's business is actually what I really love. It's always been what I love, understanding how everyone's business ticks. Everyone is different; even in the same industry, there are differences. I get a real buzz from learning business models and understanding how we can do something to help them. That's been the driving force, right from birth through my career, actually.

I like it when a customer gets it. I like showing new customers who really want to get the best out of Adaptive what can be done.

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your role?

I have an entrepreneurial skillset. I like to pick things up and break them, then make them better. I want to try new ways of working and putting systems and processes in place to make that happen. The skills I bring are experience and a refusal to accept that how we are doing things now is the best way. I am interested in the bigger picture, the overview and the strategy.

Which companies have impressed you?

Small companies impress me, ones who have started from nothing, spotted a niche in the market, built something to fill that niche, worked hard, and built teams around them.

What are your favourite tools and techniques to help you get your work done?

Delegation! I wish I'd learned to delegate earlier.

And how do you finish up your day?

I'd like to say I go for a five-mile run, then a quick swim across the lake, followed by a bike ride. But, in reality, I'll have a glass of wine and catch up with Charlotte. I've always got a project on the go. I'm always making something, whether finishing off the skirting in the extension, putting new doors on one of the buildings or fixing something for the glamping site. I've got a workshop with all my tools, so you'll often find me in there.

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