It’s in the mix

A dose of accounting logic and finance knowhow. Balanced with ladles of I.T experience and business savvy, all part of our potent mix of skills

Our backgrounds are diverse, but the thread running through all of it is finance and systems. Some of us have worked at the coal face as finance managers, others have crossed the line from accounting to systems. All have ‘real world’ commercial experience.

Getting your accounting structures and processes right is 101 in our book. Our holy grail is to start with a perfectly balanced P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow we then build on that.

We admit to having some geek in our DNA, because it isn’t just your planning system we need to understand. These days hooking up data from your general ledgers held in ERP and other accounting systems means getting under the systems bonnet and getting our hands dirty!

Staying power

When it gets complicated you need consultants who have staying power; so when your inter-company consolidation is looking a bit hairy – we’ll delve in. Sticking with a problem is in our DNA and despite the complexity you won’t see us turning on our heels.

Business Savvy

Being commercial, means from the start we not only understand tech challenges and accounting processes we put the needs of the business first. It means we do ask difficult questions and don't shy away from challenging norms, if we see a better way forward for the business.
We don't build planning solutions in isolation. We appreciate the objectives of the business and how that may impact the strategic model. For the same reason we don't build a forecast with just a p&l, because that isn't how accounting principles work.

Our Clan

Behind the suits our clan gets pretty active: with gym bunnies, skiers and windsurfers in our midst. We maybe alchemists with software but in our spare time we're crafting cider, cycling across countries, keeping goats and much more.

Whilst we're all based in the UK, we have lived and worked in everywhere from Lithuania, Ireland, Panama and America, and happy to jump on a plane to see you.